Heather Deep gets suspended on Twitter while she is out on the town in Miami

Heather Deep made her Miami debut this week much to the shock and horror of the porn industry failures whose worlds have been turned upside down with the clean HIV+ test she and Donny Long posted this week and with their being in Miami where the liars said they were banned from along with the rest of the United States. Shame they can’t play that narrative anymore and will have to think of some other lies to push going forward. After Donny and Heather blew apart the narrative, can any of the #FakeNews that has been posted about this couple be believed? Nope. So what is the next best thing for these cowards to do? Why, report their accounts to Twitter of course. In classic leftist fashion, when they don’t like what is happening or what is being said, they try to silence the opposition and this is what has happened with Heather’s account seemingly being permanently suspended and Donny Long’s looking like it has been temporarily locked but still active. Heather has been potentially thrown off Instagram as well as her feed is not available as of this writing. Been a busy week for the dropouts that never seem to leave their house or the internet but then wonder why their lives never go anywhere.

Well, this doesn’t change the facts. With all the porn failures unable to post their own clean HIV tests as they are seemingly positive for the virus that causes AIDS, they want Donny and Heather thrown off social media and silenced. Well, Donny and Heather can always start new accounts but the drop outs can never go back to being HIV negative or negative for any of the other STDs that they are positive for. This means no porn and no future relationships with civilians either. They can’t have what Donny and Heather have and that just burns their ass.

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