Heather Deep sets fire to the ass of loser Jason Quinlan

So loser Jason Quinlan has decided to post a YouTube video chastising Donny Long. See, when Donny hit Miami this week and took an HIV test live on video and passed with flying colors, he laid to rest a lot of #FakeNews about his being dead, in jail, banned from the United States for life, wanted by the FBI, HIV+ blah, blah, blah. None of it is true and it has many porn flop outs up in arms, Jason being one of them. Well, after he posted his video, Heather Deep set fire to his ass in a series of comments which he did not respond to. Of course, Eddie Dzial was right there on the video making comments of his own which makes you wonder if Eddie ever leaves the house as he is on Donny like white on rice after being owned himself many times. Heather writes:

LOL U cowardly fags are all full of shit and if you ever had to face Donny you would crap your panties you cowardly bitches! He sat in his studio in LA for years kicking you fags and calling you out and you all hide like the bitches you all are. Come to Miami and say it to his face punks. Wait I thought he was hiding offshore and scared to come to USA? Oh thats right all you faggots can do is lie lie lie lie lie you fucking punkass coward. Jason you crackhead piece of shit flunked out of porn failure you should hurry and OD already and just do the world a favor you scumbag meth addict you and your meth buddy Eddie! One look at either of yous photo and anyone can tell your life story. Your both rejects and failures and jealous that Donny isnt.

Oh, and Jason sounds like he has an IQ of about 20. This guy is one dumb sounding and looking motherfucker. And you outgrew the eyebrow ring around 20 years ago, pal. Grow up.

Also its funny now that God Long is in Florida not one of the Florida bitch ass fags like yourself from Florida that was talking shit before now say a word! EVERYONE is fucking hiding. Donny is 6,1 and now 210 and a pro figther and would teach anyone a lesson that stepped to him and you coward keyboard punkasses know it. DIE OF AIDS ALREADY METH FAGS!!!!!!



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