Hedge fund boss brought prostitutes to meetings claims executive in sexism case

from www.dailymail.co.uk – A top executive who claims she was hounded from her job by a sexist hedge fund boss who openly used prostitutes and made her visit strip clubs is suing him for £4million.

Jordan Wimmer, 29, said she was forced out of her her globe-trotting £577,000 a year job after Mark Lowe, 55, [pictured] made a string of degrading jokes about blondes and brought high-class escorts to business meetings.

Miss Wimmer, who worked for Mr Lowe for five years, said she was part of a three-woman team at Mr Lowe’s firm Nomos Capital he dubbed ‘Mark’s Angels’ after Charlie’s Angels, as she was blonde, while her colleagues were brunette and of Chinese origin.

She claimed Mr Lowe, a married father of two, told her he did not find her attractive as she was not ‘exotic’ looking. but still would ‘invade her space’ and tried to kiss her at a hotel in Madrid.

Miss Wimmer claimed she was made to watch him have a ‘private lap dance’ in a Paris burlesque club with ‘Charity Wanju’, an Oriental prostitute who had bragged about having sex with a well-known actor.

Oxford-educated Lowe, allegedly employed an Oriental member of staff ‘because he had taken a fancy to her in airport queue and said his Thai, lover ‘Ling’ attended a business meeting in skimpy ‘buttock-revealing’ hot pants.

Mr Lowe, now based in Switzerland, has a reputed £100million fortune is further alleged to have said ‘he couldn’t believe’ there was a ‘n****** in the White House’ after Barack Obama was elected U.S. president.

Miss Wimmer, a Canadian living in Chelsea, said she was hired on the spot after a hotel interview by Mr Lowe in 2004 in London.

She said ‘alarm bells should have rung’ after Mr Lowe spoke of ‘the perils’ of employing women and was asked whether she wanted to have children.

But she told Central London Employment Tribunal today: ‘Mark was one of the biggest players in the industry at the time and it is probably fair to say that I was in awe of him.

‘I was young and hungry for success and simply wanted to get my foot in the door.’

‘At 24, marriage and children were not something I was planning in the foreseeable future.’

She was immediately offered a job with a salary of £50,000 and a guaranteed £10,000 bonus.

One of just four employees, Miss Wimmer said her role was to get wealthy investors to invest in hedge funds, with Nomos paid a percentage of the money invested and in 2007, she was responsible for securing $600million of investment.

Miss Wimmer, who has an MBA, said she resented allegations she was little more than a ‘party organiser.’

‘It is ridiculous to suggest that Mark would have paid like a total remuneration of £577,000 in 2007 if all I was expected to do was arrange and be present at social functions.’

She said that ‘almost immediately’ after joining Nomos, ‘Mark began to behave inappropriately’ and was ‘very open and explicit’.

‘He commented he was losing weight because he had fallen in love with a woman from Thailand by the name of Ling,’ she said.

‘He told me how much he was in love with her but how he could not be sure whether she was really in love with him or simply after his money.’
Lowe allegedly said he would find out by buying her a house in Thailand to see if she stayed with him.

Mr Lowe would comment on Miss Wimmer’s appearance and say ‘you are too commercial looking’.

‘By this Mark was referring to the fact I was blonde and blue-eyed and not exotic looking,’ Miss Wimmer said.

She then ‘began to experience feelings of self-loathing’ and wore dark suits to work ‘to disguise her femininity’.

Miss Wimmer said she felt ‘disgust’ after Mark hired a colleague, Carol Teng, on the spot, until April 13, 2005, although the two women later became friends.

‘Carol is of Chinese origin and of course Mark had already made it clear to me at that point that he found Asian women sexually attractive.’
After Lowe hired Miss Teng she said: ‘I felt disgusted. I was working very hard for Nomos and achieving results for the business and Mark had hired me because of the way I looked.’

She said that Lowe made derogatory ‘dumb blonde’ comments and would email ‘a series of offensive jokes’ to the whole team at Nomos.

‘I hated being sent these jokes. They portrayed women, particularly blonde women, as objects and having no intelligence.’

After mentioning Ling, Miss Lowe said ‘I was aware that Mark used the services of high class prostitutes’ who he brought to business meetings during sales meetings around the world.

Describing one meeting with investors in Hong Kong, ‘Ling wore hot-pants that barely covered her buttocks, stilettos and no stockings’.

Miss Wimmer said she felt demeaned by Mr Lowe ‘creating the impression’ to clients that Ling ‘was part of the Nomos outfit’ and did the same job as her.

Mr Lowe also brought a Russian prostitute, Natalia Malyguina, to business meetings and would introduce her ‘with a wink’, ‘as his niece’.

In 2006, Miss Wimmer said Mr Lowe used her computer to look at Felines, a Swiss escort website ‘and indicated to me those whom he had dated’.

She said Mr Lowe was ‘openly proud’ of of his use of escorts and would regularly boast ‘about buying them designer dresses worth thousands of pounds’.

On October 18, 2005, Mr Lowe introduced an escort, Miss Wanju ‘as his special friend’ in Paris.

During a drive to the the Crazy Horse Cabaret, a topless club, with Miss Teng, ‘Ms Wanju used crude and crass language in front of me’.

In Mr Lowe’s earshot, Miss Wimmer said she told me she worked in various cities and had recently ‘f***ed a well-known actor in London.’

The cabaret was ‘full of suited men’ and ‘women wearing nothing but G-strings’, Miss Lowe said, adding, ‘To say that Carol and I looked out of place would be an understatement.

‘Ms Wanju engaged Mark in a private lap dance. This involved straddling Mark facing towards me and Carol.

‘She began thrusting her hips in a fast motion, simulating sex, and stimulating Mark in the process.’

Mr Lowe then went on to have another lap dance with a waitress, who ‘rubbed her breasts’ in his face, it was claimed.

‘It was wrong on so many levels that I cannot even begin to articulate it. Mark knew Carol and I would hate it and that were were not in a position to say anything for fear of losing our jobs and careers,’ Miss Wimmer said, adding, ‘We left after two hours and felt completely soiled.’

Mr Lowe, who is attending the hearing, denies all the allegations against him. The case continues.

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