Heidi Fleiss Says Had She Been Tiger’s Madam She Would Have Kept Her Yap Shut

from www.radaronline.com – Love her or hate her, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss was at least beloved (by her clients anyway) for a little thing called discretion. She spoke candidly to RadarOnline.com about the ongoing drama surrounding Tiger Woods’ mounting infidelities.

“He is only human and he has flaws like everyone else and I hope he can get over this and go on to win more golf tournaments,” Fleiss said, promising that the golfer would never have been in his current mess if she was involved.

“Had he been with me he could have gone about his business and his wife would never have known – the reality is he’s a gorgeous looking successful athlete and men are always going to be men,” she added. “I chose not to speak about my clients as that was my constitutional right but obviously some of these women involved with Tiger Woods don’t feel that way.”

Fleiss fumed when discussing Woods’ first reported mistress Rachel Uchitel who was reportedly paid off to not talk about their relationship. Uchitel has spoken out about her negative portrayal in the media.

“Look, if Rachel Uchitel received all that money then she should shut up and just get on with her life. There is no point in saying ‘poor me’ if you have been paid not to talk-that is violating the agreement in my opinion.”

The world will have to wait a little longer for Fleiss’ return to the business of women, sex, and power. Currently, she owns a pet grooming shop called Dirty Dog in Parhump, Nevada, but still holds onto a dream of owning a brothel.

“I really love working with animals and want to open other outlets but I haven’t given up hope of one day having my own brothel for women only here in Parhump too.”

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