Heidi Hollywood Vs. Jessica Drake The Tale of the Tape

Embellishing his point that Jessica Drake wears condoms in her Wicked Pictures’ scenes yet is probably the best paid and most well known active female performer extant, Rob Black read one of the bios that talent agents send out to get producers interested in hiring talent. Heidi Hollywood was the performer used as an example.

“I’m looking at this girl from Ideal Image Management run by an amazing man called Tee Reel,” said Black.

“His claim to fame I’m not sure. I think he was a suitcase [pimp] to Tori Black. He’s got a pimp-house.

“This is what I’m talking about as far as girls go. All you girls that are big shot porn stars and against condoms- that’s because you’re retarded and your pimp tells you that and you’re fucking stupid. This is what’s going on in our business.”

Black then read Hollywood’s bio.

“She’s tested and available now. Her name is Heidi Hollywood. She’ll do an ATM. She’ll do blowbangs. She’ll do blowjobs. She’ll do bondage. She’ll do boy-boy-girl. She’ll do boy-girl. She’ll do girl-anal. She’ll do boy girl-anal. She’ll do bukkake. She’ll do cream pies. She’ll do deep throat, She’ll do double penetrations. She’ll do facials. She’ll do fetish. She’ll do foot jobs. She’ll do girl-girl. She’ll do girl-girl anal. She’ll do group. She’ll do hand jobs.

“She hosts. I don’t know what hosting is. What is she a fucking airline stewardess? Hosting? Oh she escorts. She’ll do interracial, yeaaaah. Mainstream. Call Jerry Bruckheimer. Heidi Hollywood’s going to Hollywood. She’ll do orgies. Sign her up for Mr. Marcus Syphilis. Softcore. Call Playboy up. They definitely want Heidi Hollywood.

“Solo. Well, duh. Solo with toys. Stills. Really, you put that in there? And not to be out done, the ever favorite swallow.

“Everybody, I’m giving a big plug for Tee Reel and Heidi Hollywood. Book Heidi Hollywood for your next cream pie anal gang bang; and after that, you can scoop out all that homeless cum and feed it right to her because she swallows.

“I don’t thinks Jessica Drake does bukkakes, and Jessica Drake makes more than Heidi Hollywood will ever make doing bukkake after bukkake after bukkake,” Black continued.

“Jessica Drake wears a condom. She speaks at schools. She has never had a pussy friction disease, and Jessica Drake has pulled in the excess of millions from Wicked Pictures.

“My question to Heidi Hollywood, is, why the fuck do you have to be a blow bang bukkake specialist cream pie homeless gang bang participant with Tee Real and Ideal Image Management to be a star?

“Is Heidi Hollywood going to be the next Tori Black? Maybe that’s the line of shit you’re being fed, but I’m looking at a pretty blond girl who’s going to be another statistic, who’s kicking down bukkakes, creampies and every other awesome swimming disease infested job you can get.

“Line one up. Line one all!!! She’s tested and she’s ready to swallow. Just like there are two Americas, there are two porn industries.

“Unfortunately too many Heidi Hollywoods have been caught in that second porn industry, which is the skivosa destructive low life piece of shit side, and it’s the side that takes a pretty 24 year old girl and says hey listen we’re going to make sure we book you in anal cream pies and the most dangerous positions as humanly possible because we just want you to fucking die.

“Go on over to Ideal Image Management where you too can be the next Heidi Hollywood and do cream pie bukkakes with all the top talent in the business like Tommy Pistol, Scott Lyons, Eric John, Marcus London.

“These are the quality guys that you too can look forward to be working with alongside a homeless man. How the fuck can anybody with a conscience take a 24 year old girl and promise her to be the next star and the biggest loser?”

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