Claims no Involvement with Alleged Trinity St. Clair Escort Gimmick

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Ashley Erickson of writes me: Hello Mr Ross

I was just informed by a friend of mine that my company
has been connected to this major shit storm that is happening surrounding
Trinity St Clair and her secret video taping of samantha saint and this
aleged man Richard.

Let me first clairify that whatever that miss informed half baked self
described “Christian Pornstar” Monica Foster has posted on her site about
my companies ALEGED connection to this complete shit storm is 100% WRONG

I do not know this Richard guy…..I have no contact with Samantha
saint..(God i wish)…..and I have worked way to hard to create what I have
to have the credit go to someone else.

Thank you for your time
(Before you ask no im not Tegan Presley…just have the same name)

Thank you

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