Here’s a Shocker: Lawsuit Claims Hefner Prefers Younger Women

WASHINGTON: A former worker for Playboy Enterprises has dragged the company to court claiming she was thrown out of her job by Hugh Hefner because he prefers younger women.

According to Jennifer Lewis, former guest Relations Ccordinator for the Playboy Mansion, the company fired her after she turned 47 and gave her job to a 33-year-old woman.

In the suit against Hefner and other Playboy bosses, Lewis says that she gave the company “over ten of the best years of her life,” reports

Lewis also accuses of being targeted at the workplace and claims she given such a rough treatment by bosses that she had to take anti-depressants.

In the case filed in LA county superior court, Lewis is claiming unspecified damages.

Playboy has kept mum over the issue.

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