Here’s How The Farrah Abraham Tape Probably Went Down

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James Deen’s interview with the Kevin and Bean show provided several tantalizing pieces to the Farrah Abraham sex tape puzzle.

We all knew from the beginning that it was a set up. First it was going to be a “discovered” sex tape. Then Farrah said she put the tape together herself, but we all know that was BS.

Farrah is the client of Gina Rodriguez who used to rep Octomom. Deen in his K&B interview didn’t have to identify that it was Rodriguez because I heard this weeks ago, that Rodriguez and Steve Hirsch were sharing sheets after his split with ex wife Laurie Hirsch.

Let’s say Rodriguez brings Hirsch this idea. But where the plan went afoul is the photo TMZ took of Abraham and Deen coming out of the Vivid building.

Was it Rodriguez who tipped off TMZ? Who can say? Now, all of a sudden, stories had to be put together to explain that picture. And none of the alibis made any sense. Deen in that K&B interview also gave a lot of background info on how the tape came about. He referred to someone at Vivid who made the tape referring to her as “she”. Was it Rodriguez? Was it Marci Hirsch? Who would be the Vivid’s female director?

Regarding the tape itself: It’s being promoted as an anal tape, but nowhere in that scene do we get the shot that says Deen’s dick is actually going in Farrah’s ass. The shot as they say in the business is “cheated.”

For one thing, Farrah, for an amateur is way too chipper about the whole thing, especially with the fact that James carries a small cannon. That was the other thing. In her interviews Farrah went on about how James was small and his attitude abusive. Deen has been pretty cool with the whole thing, and he’s by no means small unless Farrah’s used to African American dick up her ass.

And maybe Deen has to be the cool guy in all this, because if this tape is a phony and Farrah never took it in the ass, he and Vivid have a lot of explaining to do.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the tape is legit. Whoever shot it needs to be fired because the first rule of an anal scene is you get the penetration shot. No one bothered to do so. Another thing that bothers me is that this tape is advertised at 70 minutes. It runs 43 minutes.

How many more lies do you think we’ll discover in this charade?

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