Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Me a Beret? Now a Pauper, Ira Isaacs Court Costs Are Being Paid by the Feds

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from www.avn.com – The Ninth Circuit today affirmed that it will allow Ira Isaacs, who on January 16 was sentenced to 48 months in prison, to remain free on bail pending appeal of his conviction, though it left the conditions of that release up to Isaacs’ trial judge, George H. King.

Isaac’s attorney Roger Jon Diamond told AVN. “So he’s free now and will remain so, barring some unusual occurrence, until his appeal is heard by the Ninth Circuit.”

In any event, Isaacs has been rendered a pauper by all the trials and legal motions and counter motions.

“I’m sure they’re not going to be vindictive and try to have him post some bail because he’s proceeding in forma pauperis anyway,” Diamond told AVN.

“I couldn’t abandon Ira, so the Ninth Circuit appointed me to continue representing him. After we filed a motion to allow him to proceed in forma pauperis, which means he didn’t even have the money to pay the filing fee, so the filing fee was waived and the transcripts are being paid for by the government and I’ll be paid by the government.”

So Ira Isaacs remains a free man pending the Ninth Circuit’s consideration of his appeal of his obscenity convictions—and Diamond has advised him not to try to sell any more of his movies.

“He had already stopped selling his movies once the government went bananas,” Diamond chuckled.

“At the sentencing hearing, they called the LAPD detective who was working the case to testify that not only did he hear Isaacs on a radio talk show on KFI Sunday morning after he was convicted advertising his movies; they played the audio tape for the judge. So I would suspect, pending appeal, he’ll get into some other line of work.”

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