Hey Monica Foster, Burger King is now Hiring!

Burger King is now hiring

Despite what Monica Foster might tell you, people can’t force her to do porn.  She did it of her own free will. And if she doesn’t want to sell her body for money, why doesn’t she just go get a job?

Burger King is now hiring. They pay above minimum wage.

So what’s her fucking excuse?

Is it that she’s actually just to lazy to get a real job?



  1. Foster thinks that she’s too good to work at a place like Burger King. She wants FREE MONEY and she thinks that she’s entitled to a man paying for everything that she has. What is she going to put on her work resume? That for the past decade she’s been sex trafficking herself on webcam, in porn, and other crap?

    Another thing is that she won’t be able to handle working 8 hours sober and not being able to be on her own phone. She tried to show off about how she was able to choose her hours doing webcam shows, but she made less than the equivalent full time worker who makes $10/hr.

    It’s going to be hilarious when she reaches the age of 40 and she’s put on more weight. What guy would want to pay for her then?

  2. This is fucking hilarious but whoever wrote this shit makes a great point. Ain’t nobody forcing that dumb bitch to do porn. She could go and get a real job anytime she wanted to.

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