HIV Positive Homosexual Eddie Dzial aka EDWARD BERNARD PRZYDZIAL located in Attiki Greece

So I reached out to some friends that knew some people that knew some people that knew some people in Greece and it turns out its a very small world and this HIV infested stalker loser Edward is hiding at a family members house as we has previously posted here. Someone in a rock band knew Eddie and Edward is in Greece but in a town called Attiki. If you search it in google you will see this dump had a flood about 3 months ago that washed most of everything away, its a shame it didnt wash away Eddie with it. Word is Edward has made many enemies in the area and people there want to beat his ass also.

Its ok though because in Greece the police dont give a fuck about scum like Eddie and when they go missing its no big deal. There is someone actively looking for this fool and when he is found lets just say he wont be committing crimes online against anyone ever again. The mafia there like cutting peoples finger off hahahahaha. Eddie will be typing with his tongue.


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