HIV positive homosexual Eddie Dzial aka Edward Bernard Przydzial WIFE

I read the story on the kiwi page that Eddie’s best friend paid Donny Long to fuck Eddie’s wife and go around the world with her… Eddie’s wife wouldn’t let Eddie near her and when she saw Donny’s picture and they asked her if she wanted to do an audition with him, she went for it. Eddie was pissed off but he shut up and they paid Donny 2 or 3 grand to put her through the paces so you know Donny Long is known for stretching out a girls asshole. He also likes to fuck them for 4 hours at a time and all the porn girls know Donny fills up that tummy with plenty of DNA so I can understand why Eddie hates Donny. Plus Eddie had to watch…! LMAO… I know a few guys who painted sets for Rodney Moore Studios and they say Eddie had to marry his wife before she would agree to fuck him… there is a video of her and she’s totally disgusted with him. So now we know Donny fucked her way before Eddie gave her AIDS then he married her and now she has the HIV thanks to Eddie. What a creep. I hear there is also a video of Eddie’s wife first sex with Donny out there… I’m gonna look for it and if I find it I’m gonna post it here…



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