Holly Halston Announces Her Comeback to the Business

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She’s black, and she’s back. Dark haired, that is. Now that she’s dumped her husband Troy, Holly Halston’s making a comeback in the adult business.

Halston made the announcement on Amber Lynn’s show Friday night. Halston’s been out of the country [London] for a long time. And being welcomed back to the industry was like family and home she said.

“I got to be with my daughters, and now it’s the right time to come back.”

“Professionalism in our business is the key element,” she goes on to say.

In her comeback tour, Halston did two scenes for Brazzers in Los Angeles and two scenes for them in Vegas. In all, Halston took three years off.

Lynn said she got to know Halston on a project that Lynn directed which blew up. One might assume it was the Ron Sullivan tribute, the movie of which has vanished from the face of this earth.

“Out of every mishap in life something good happens,” said Halston. [You might tell that to Sullivan’s family.]

“I left the country – I know it comes up where we want to break and leave,” she continued.

“I needed to be with my personal life a bit. It had nothing to do with the industry. I needed to be around my kids, and the relationship ended in a healthy way. We are now divorced, but we’ve come to an understanding where we can be friends. You really have to let yourself heal and take a break.”

Upon her return, Halston said her new scenes were probably “the best stuff I’ve ever done.”

“Brazzers is so lovely and they took very good care of me,” she said, adding, “No more drunk Milf roles for me.”

Halston said she wasn’t going to re-launch her website but she’ll be doing web cam and blogging on www.xxxhollyhalston.com

“I want to simplify and give each project more attention,” she stated.

“The Web cam will be through Free Ones and Streamates. It’s quit a heavy process. I didn’t realize there was so much technical support.”

Noting the change in her hair color, Halston explained, “I was testing the market. Now I’ve got jet black hair. I wanted to re-create myself in the image I thought was me. Everyone said you have to be blonde, but I think my fans will love it.

“For me it was a personal thing- the end of an era and a fresh start. I’ve shed the past and I’m open to what’s ahead.”

Halston also said she’s doing anal again and has a hard time sitting.

“I always did anal and took a break from it. You need to take a break from that option in your repertoire. Before you know it you’ve got trains going up there!”

Halston mentioned that her first anal upon coming back is with a new male talent named Clover.

“He’s an up and coming talent. He’s the hugest thing I’ve seen in my life. When he took his pants down – he was that big. I said this is my first anal and you want to use that? I think the fans are really going to enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to the reviews.”

Halston said she’s been back a scant thirty days and is slowly becoming active in social media.

“I’m engaged and have an amazing partner, Grant,” she also announced.

Halston explained that she was a feature dancer when she broke into the porn business in 2001.

“I did porn to build up the name.”

Halston also notes that clubs have taken a financial hit in the last 10 years and featuring hasn’t been plentiful; and, as you get older, you succumb to injuries “and those injuries stay with you.”

“You can’t help but get injuries.” Lynn also explained how the dance agents flooded the market with more talent and began a pricing war.

“You don’t make enough money now to go out on the road,” she said.

Likewise, Halston said she witnessed the same conditions and wasn’t able to afford the travel and prop costs with hotels, food and cars and stagehands. “It’s expensive.”

Lynn added that it was equally hard to find a trustworthy “roadie”.

Halston observed that it was difficult to manage her schedule and be home with her kids.

“I would have gotten past the injuries, but the kids needed me. But I don’t regret it.”

Halston said another problem is that people on the outside don’t understand what it’s like being in porn.

“They want to find something wrong with the people in the industry- oh you’re a porn star – porn people must be having orgies all day long- and you can’t possibly be a good mother.”

According to Halston she knows people in the mainstream who are abusive parents and drug addicts.

“It’s life- learn from it, grow from it and let it go.”

Lynn added that porn is work for her. “I see dollar signs.”

“I couldn’t imagine having sex and not having a paycheck,” added Halston.

In her years off, Halston said she did a “cleansing” by having no sex for seven months. Halston said she’s been attending her fiance’s torture garden parties.

“They’re amazing fetish parties- they’re really amazing parties. He just opened me up sexually and I’m so happy to have sex with him. I crave it. Before, it was a job.

“My sex life at home is the most fulfilling and passionate experience I’ve ever had,” she continued.

“He’s just the the best partner and now I have a partner I can connect emotionally with.”

For her part, Lynn said she expects to go on set and have fire shooting out of her ass while achieving a real orgasm on set.

“It’s difficult to get your rocks off because you’re too caught up in the visuals. I hate to ruin the fantasy for the fans, but it’s very demanding.”

Halston said her favorite on screen partner to date would have to be Keiran Lee.

“That was the best scene I’ve shot in my life. He’s such an amazing performer, and he’s so perfect at making me feel relaxed and calm. He brings a lot of energy to the scene. I love all the male talent I’ve ever worked with and always had great chemistry with them, but the scene with Keiran hit the head.”

Halston said her scenes with Kink.com were her most challenging to date.

“It took a lot to do it. It was a very proud moment.”

In her advice to newcomers, Halston said, “I think young girls want to be the next Jenna. Don’t try to be anything but yourself and do it because you want to perform. Stay yourself. Don’t let anything change who you are. I can honestly say I’m the same person I was in 2001.”

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