Holly Sampson Lying? Tiger Insiders Saying She’s Full of It

from www.eonline.com – Team Tiger is having a hard time believing this porn actress Holly Sampson—who recently issued a statement confirming that she slept with (and then some) Mr. Woods—did in fact do the nasty with the pro golfer.

Some buds in Tiger’s circle don’t agree with everything he may or may not have done, but they are now standing up against certain women they believe to be full of crap.

One of our Tiger insiders very much doubts…

…that Holly and T.W. ever boned. We don’t share their skepticism, honestly, but something about Sampson’s candidness is prompting some his buds to raise eyebrows.

“She’s a frickin’ porn star,” our source says of the scandal-pushing blonde. “Think about it from the POV of what does Holly have to gain or lose here? Say Tiger’s people did offer her hush money. Unless it was a lot, having her 15 minutes and distinguishing herself from every other who-cares porn star could be far more valuable.”

How interesting. Deep Tiger elaborates:

“After all, what does one do when one retires from porn? If she took hush money, she wouldn’t be able to write a book, sell her story, etc. By not shutting up, she can do more porn referencing her previous, ahem, position servicing Tiger. That’s worth a little cash. And simply getting her name established versus the others has to give her better leverage against similar performers.”

While we’re inclined to believe Sampson (seriously, with all of these hos crawling forward, what’s another one on Tiger’s alleged notch list), it’s true that she does have a lot to gain from jumping on the Tiger train. But hell, we’ve heard the tales that Tiger used an escort service and that Holly was part of the, shall we say, hired help.

Either way, it’s clear why Sampson would want to either exaggerate or claim her romp with Woods: It gives her a name, and in her industry, being a slut is a good thing! And with a famous person? Even better!

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