Holly Sampson Says She Regrets Making That Tape for Naughty America

Last week it was revealed that Holly Sampson on tape claimed to have had a one-night stand with Tiger Woods. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=38967. Sampson’s apparently regretting she ever said anything.

from www.mostersandcritics.com – [Tiger] Woods’ porn star fling is talking, and perhaps soon to star in a porn flick about her doings with the billionaire duffer. She claims her deeds were done when he was unmarried.

Enter Holly Sampson: “There are things that are in the works. Honestly, I think parodies are hilarious,” she tells “Extra.” “I love that stuff and I know a lot of people that love that stuff.”

Of course Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch was all over it, “We have shown Holly a script we’re working on that would sort of detail her time with Tiger. It would be more like a docudrama that documented the events that happened exactly as they happened.”

So what did happen between the two?

Sampson, 36, says she was hired by the golfer for $3,000 to perform an explicit X-rated show for his 24th birthday party in an L.A. hotel suite in 1999 — years before he was wed to Elin Nordegren.

“It was a girl-on-girl-on-girl show. Sex show. You know, dances. I gave Tiger a lap dance that he absolutely loved,” the porn star tells “Extra.” After her performance, Woods’ assistant pulled her aside and said, “Tiger would like to see you separately,” Sampson says.

They were soon in bed together. “I started to undress and get into the bed and pulled back the covers and he sort of jumped in bed,” she says. “We cuddled and kissed. [It was] a very sensual experience.” “He has talent on the field and he has talent in the bedroom,” continues Sampson.

The Vivid Entertainment star says she wants to make clear that their night together happened years before Woods’ wedding.

“I’m not his mistress,” she says. “I’ve never been his mistress… I just don’t believe in sleeping with married men.”

She insists, “If I had the opportunity to sleep with Tiger while he was married I would never have done that.”

Sampson says she regrets talking about becoming intimate with Woods on live Internet sex show NaughtyAmerica.com.

“I realize in retrospect that it wasn’t the right thing to do,” she says, adding that she’s sorry Woods’ wife got hurt in the process.

“I would apologize [to Elin] about ever speaking about it in the first place.”

Tune in to “Extra” tonight for more of Sampson’s tell all.

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