Home Invasion Tied to Adult Novelty Shops; * Watch the Video

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ST. LOUIS, MO from www.fox2now.com – – A home invasion in an upscale South County neighborhood appears tied to adult novelty stores in St. Louis City.

Robbers beat the man badly enough that medics had to wheel him to the ambulance on a stretcher. The woman walked with medics to the ambulance. You could see a sheet around her head soak up blood.

St. Louis City resident David L White said he knows them through one of the stores they operate. He said, “They`re really good peoples (sic) and for you to say that, whoa, that’s just shocking.” White added, “I don`t think it`s just anybody who did this. you know what I’m saying. I think it`s somebody who`s been looking at them, casing them out.”

Their stores had a very different look than their upscale Mehlville home. Sources said the robbers demanded alarm codes for their stores, including the adult novelty store called Simple Pleasures on Chipewa. A steel door secures their other store on Cherokee. It’s a run down building that promotes itself as a seller of incense and hand blown glass.

One woman, who said she’s been in the stores, wonders what attracted the robbers. Victoria Gibbs said, “…something that`s costing a lot of money. Whether it`s something that they`re selling or something that`s in the store, but these people are after something pretty big if they want to go out to these people`s houses and do that to those people.”

County police say they`re looking for two to four black men while the victims recover in the hospital. Despite the bloody scene, police described the injuries as minor.

*Watch the Video: www.fox2now.com/2012/12/24/home-invasion-tied-to-adult-novelty-shops/

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