Hostile Takeover

1. Psicosis pinned Super Crazy.

2. Sandman NC Pogo the Clown.

3. XPW Tag Champs Halloween & Damien 666 beat Smokey Carmichael & Malcolm XL when Halloween pinned Carmichael.

4. XPW King of the Death Match Supreme pinned Angel in a “barbed wire, light tubes death” match.

5. Juventud Guerrera pinned Chris Chetti.

6. Vic Grimes beat Little Guido and Altar Boy Luke in a “three-way” match. Grimes & Guido forced Luke to submit. Grimes pinned Guido.

7. XPW TV Champ Kaos beat Chris Hamrick in a “ladder” match.

8. XPW Champ Shane Douglas TKO Terry Funk.


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