Hot to Trot Teach Arrested for Sex Crimes Involving Lucky 17 Year Old Student

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from – CLOVIS, Calif. (KMPH) –
28-year-old Lindsey Trimble taught science at Clovis East High School and was arrested last Thursday on two charges of sex crimes against a student.

She is out of jail on bail.

Some Clovis parents are not happy with the school district, because it waited nearly a week to tell them what happened.

Clovis Unified officials say they waited that long to tell parents about the arrest because Clovis police asked them to hold off until their investigation was complete.

“We trust these people and we should be informed about what’s happening in our school district,” said Steve Wisnewski, a parent of a Clovis East High School student.

He had no clue a teacher at his son’s school was arrested on sex charges until KMPH told him.

“It doesn’t make me happy,” said Wisnewski.

Police say the sexual encounters with the student happened at homes in Fresno County between March and July of this year.

Trimble quit her job as a teacher Thursday.

Parents got a phone call from the principal Tuesday morning, informing them of the arrest.

“If they made it this morning, a lot of people were at work, so they may have got it this evening…6 days, I’m not too happy about that,” Said Wisnewski.

Clovis police say only one 17-year-old boy is involved in the investigation, and they don’t believe Trimble had sex with any other students.

Still, some parents we spoke with say they don’t appreciate being left in the dark for nearly a week.

“I didn’t know it was 5 days after the arrest. I just barely got the phone call this morning. Actually, my daughter found out last night. So we didn’t even know. It’s something that should’ve been told right away, not something they waited on,” said a parent who identified herself as Michelle.

Trimble is expected to be officially charged with the sex crimes in court on December 20.

Trimble is the latest of a handful of female teachers in the Valley who’ve been arrested for having sex with a student.

30-year-old Megan Denman, a former teacher at Hoover High in Fresno, was arrested in April of this year, and recently pleaded guilty to six counts related to having sex with a minor.

26-year-old Nadia Diaz, a teacher at Washington Union High school in Easton, was arrested last year, and was recently convicted and sentenced to probation.

Also, Trimble is the second Clovis Unified teacher this year accused of sex crimes against a kid.

Neng Yang, who was fired as a teacher from Freedom Elementary school, is accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl.

Yang faces dozens of child molestation and child pornography charges.

from – A Clovis teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a student. Police say the woman engaged in an inappropriate relationship with the underage boy.

Clovis Unified Communications Officer Kelly Avants says, “The very minute that we heard that there could be a possibility of an inappropriate relationship, we reported it to police.”

It was brought to the school district’s attention Thursday morning. Within hours, 28-year-old Lindsey Trimble was arrested. She’s facing one count of sex with a minor and one count of oral copulation.

Police say between March and July, the Clovis East teacher engaged in a relationship with a 17-year-old boy. Detectives have confirmed the crimes did not take place on campus.

Janet Stoll-Lee, Clovis PD says “We know that there was at least one encounter on two different occasions at two residences in Fresno County.”

The investigation is ongoing, but according to police it appears only one student was involved.

“The important thing I think here is that we have one victim in the case.

We are not looking for other victims in the case, and that’s pretty much where we stand on it right now.”

Trimble was in her third year with the district. She was a science teacher at Clovis East and Reyburn Intermediate School. The woman resigned from her position right after she was arrested.

“There’s certainly no doubt in anyone’s mind who works for us, what is or what is not appropriate. We hold our staff to a very high standard in that respect and I think the fact that she resigned immediately indicated that relationship existed,” says Avants.

The allegations aren’t sitting well with parents.

“It’s disgusting, immoral, wrong. You shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like that, but it does happen.”

Mike Higgins has a 16-year-old son and says an act like this goes far beyond breaking a law.

“As a teacher, you have to be doing your job, you know, that’s not right.” says Higgins.

Police say they believe Trimble was married. She is scheduled to be arraigned in court December 20th.

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