Hot to Trot Teach Gets 4 Years in Prison Lucky 17 Year Old Gets Lifetime of Fond Memories

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from – A former Spanish teacher at a Oklahoma high school has been sentenced to four years in prison after she pleaded guilty to having sex with a student more than 30-years her junior.

Lisa Kays, 48, of Yukon, admitted to three counts of second degree rape and two counts of forcible oral sodomy – prosecutors said that Kays had five separate sexual encounters with the 17-year-old male student , that included one in her car in front of his parents house.

The offenses date from 2011 to 2012 and a tearful Kays begged Oklahoma County District Judge Ray C. Elliott to let her go, explaining she had lost her job and husband as a result of her decisions.

‘I realize that I’m to blame for my actions,’ said Kays reported The Oklahoman. ‘And I promise you that I have been punished for my actions. I have lost everything that I worked for.’

‘I had an extramarital affair, which ended my marriage of 26 years. I lost my house and my teaching certificate. That’s a life sentence.

‘For 10 months, I cried and contemplated taking my own life.’

Prosecutors had originally recommended a 15-year sentence for Kays – with everything by the first eight years suspended.

Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Lavenue told the court that Kays essentially groomed her victim, causing him to contemplate suicide and had sexual encounters with him in her own classroom.

‘She basically used her classroom as a hotel room,’ the prosecutor said according to KOCO.Com.

‘Every taxpayer has an expectation that their child is treated fairly and not molested by their teacher.’

The unidentified student was a keen footballer and was a member of the student council.

District Judge Ray Elliot, a former high school teacher, ordered Kays to serve four years in prison.

‘You never intended to hurt anyone,’ he said. ‘You intended to feel good. I wouldn’t want my kids in your classroom. There’s no doubt that you knew what you were doing was wrong. It’s despicable.’

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