How Retarded Is Michael Thomas Strother aka Mike South?

Now remember this is a guy that claims to have been a “rocket Scientist for NASA” LOL. But we all know the truth is this is just a bitter old failed at everything in porn and life guy that is full of shit and loves to make up total bullshit about people he is jealous of.

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He has been hiding in his mamas basement peeing on himself in his wheelchair for the last 3 days trying to think what to respond to the constant kicking and owning I have been giving him not only here but on all the adult industry forums. Because of me he is now the tail end of every joke on GFY, a very popular adult webmaster forum which he use to post his bullshit on all the time but now he is scared to even login cause I’m there waiting to ponce on him.

He is scared shitless and been very quiet all over the net including his blog and no updates anywhere for 3 days. So after 3 days of hiding in mamas basement shitting in his adult diaper and peeing on the floor the best he can think of is to dig up some boring old shit about Sean that everyone already knows about and nobody cares about and then blame it on Dave who Mike thinks is Seans buddy. Now seriously how stupid does Mike think people are? Does he really think people buy this crap?

Lets see here, you have someone you are jealous of that is successful and surrounded by smoking hot porn whores throwing pussy at him for free every step he takes so you attack him and make up lies about him. You sit and stalk him hiding behind your keyboard and post and post and post hoping for some attention from this God like figure to you that you adore and admire so much.

You sit there in your mamas basement at 60 years old typing away lies about people like Dave cause you wish you could be them but you failed at everything in porn and got run out of the state by a bum looking redneck inmate named Rob Black that wanted to pound your hairy hemorrhoids asshole into smithereens. You call all this a success and call everyone successful that you are jealous of a failure. God would I hate to be Mike South. Now for the fun part of taking apart Michaels post and making it truthful.

Micheal writes:


“How Retarded Is This”

“I got an email this weekend from someone claiming to be my new best friend.” 

GEEEE Michael nobody is going to believe that anyone is stupid enough to try and feed you anything. FAIL!

“He sent me this info on Sean Tompkins and said that there is plenty more where that came from and he would give me everything I need to bury Tompkins, then he went on to say that I had it wrong about Dave (from the Luxury Companion) and that he is really a decent guy who helps these girls in a time when they cant make much money in  porn yada yada….”

lol Yea ok this is going to work. Maybe if you feed people the bullshit slowly the will believe it.

Mike South throwing his sources under the bus!


Yes Michael take that higher road of calling successful people you are jealous of “scumbags” and writing lies about them stalking them in post after post after post on your blog ahahhaha. Even Donny Long you are jealous of and wish you could be him cause at least he did some scenes in porn.


Dont forget if Mike Souths mouth is moving or keys are typing then this is what you need to do below.

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