How soon before Kiwi Fags turn on Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster?

Remember how Monica Foster use to be friendly with PWL until they called her out on her BS with the whole “bounced check” that she couldn’t prove? That’s the whole reason why Foster went on a crusade attacking PWL and she ran and cried to Tompkins and Bass at TFRPWL and she played victim. Foster released the names of her family on PWL in an open forum when she was still friendly with them.

Now Foster ran to kiwi farms to talk more shit about people who has helped expose her for the fraud, sociopath, and loser that she is. Foster can’t post on anymore, she’s lost so many other hate sites because that’s what her life revolves around. Foster started the thread about Tristan Stadtmuller on kiwi fags because Judge Bare IGNORED her idiotic pleadings about him PLUS Foster will NEVER EVER get the police on him, despite how she keeps falsely accusing him of stalking porn stars, tried to start an escort business, being part of organized crime, and etc. It’s just the same stupid shit with her in which she bounces from hate site to hate site and any other website that will allow her to attack people that she hates because she’s a miserable failure who can’t accomplish anything life like being a musician.

Foster won’t post on Kiwi fags about how she used to post on the Erotic Review BEGGING Johns to write reviews for her so she can charge higher rates, they ALL made fun of her, and then she went up there crying that escort agencies are racist because none of them wanted her in their business! She also won’t post on kiwi fags how she can’t get over Matt Holder after 7 years and she STILL cries over him, a man that never loved her!

Singer wannabe, Monica Foster, is unable to provide any evidence that she actually has any Christian Pornstar concerts in the future and she’s unable to provide any proof that anyone is buying tickets to come see her no talented shit!



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