How valuable was Monica Foster to the adult industry?

Monica Foster claims she was very valuable when she was an active pornstar. Really?

First off, Monica Foster was NEVER a porn “star“, just a porn actress who got hired for the shit gigs.

John Janiero spilled the beans at how valuable Fostard was! She only got paid $300 to do a unprotected cream pie scene with him. A true porn star would have gotten paid five or six times that to do a scene like that. In fact real stars wouldn’t even do a blowjob scene for $300, let alone a full on cream pie scene.

Nobody in porn does a cream pie for $300. Not even the piece of shit trashy chicks who work out of New York or Florida. Fuck, Cezar Capone once hired a hooker right off of the street corner down in Miami and she got more for just a straight up boy/girl than Fostard accepted for a cream pie.

So tell me again how she’s a STAR?

A side note, Monica Foster announced on June 15, 2016 that she needed to get work to pay off her legal debt bondage. She also announced that Metro Talent was her new agent. Well, it’s now early August and Foster has had ZERO ZERO ZERO job offers. When Briana Banks got back on social media and announced her return via Twitter and Instagram, she had an insane number of job offers and they are still pouring in. That’s what happens when a real STAR announces they are returning to work.

Monica Foster’s agent is able to book a full blown retard for work, but he can’t book Monica Foster in a single scene? I think that itself speaks volumes about her “value” as a performer. If producers would rather book a chick with downs syndrome and not you, what does that really say about you?

Monica Foster is a fucking idiot as evident by her repeated use of the phrase sex traffic. She entered into porn of her own free will so she wasn’t sex trafficked.

Foster begs for work Foster got paid 0 Foster was valuable


  1. She used to brag about being in demand and her 9/10 stars rating on NA until it was brought to her attention that the top performers on that site have not only 9/10 stars but received 10,000+ ratings. She had less than a 100 ratings.

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