Hugh Hefner Admits To Bedding ‘Over A Thousand’ Women But ‘Never Cheated On Wives’

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With over a 1,000 women you don’t have time to be married.

from – It is hardly surprising that Hugh Hefner has had a rather saucy love life, but in A recent interview the Playboy owner has admitted to losing count of how many women he has actually bedded.

The father-of-four was up-front about his previous romantic liaisons, and when asked to give a rough estimate of how many women he had slept with, he answered honestly, telling Esquire magazine: “How could I possibly know? Over a thousand I’m sure”

Yet despite spending most of his life surrounded by glamorous Playboy models, some of who lived with the multimillionaire for E! series Girls of the Playboy Mansion, Hefner insists that he has never been unfaithful to any woman he’s loved, despite enjoying life as a single man when he could.

“There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn’t married. You have to keep your hand in”.

But it seems that the 86-year-old has given up his womanising ways, after he married third wife Crystal Harris last December, who, at 26-years-old, is 60 years his junior.

All our friends think it’s made in heaven”, Hugh explained. “It’s only people who don’t know us who simply use us as stereotypes in terms of age and beauty”.

But despite all his previous relationship baggage, it seems that the entrepeneur has finally found happiness at being a committed, one-woman man, after his previous two marriages didn’t work out.

“I just feel very, very fortunate to have found her at this stage in my life. I saved the best till last”.

“I want the rest of my life to be very much like it is now. I want it to be like this.”

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