Hungarian S&M Movie Ends in Arrests; Woman Calls out “Safe Word” But is Beaten Bloody

from – A very bizarre crime news story has emerged from Hungarian television this week after a police SWAT type team had to knock down the doors of a heavily reinforced house converted into an underground movie studio for filming a strange brand of Eastern European bizarre sexual fetish films.

Several days ago, a mother of seven in Budapest, Hungary who was living in deep poverty and unable to pay her bills, responded to an ad advertising for actors for fetish type S&M films. In Hungarian currency, she was promised as much as about $900 dollars, and told that she would only be lightly beaten, and to act like she was being tortured. And she was given a “safe word” to use, should she feel uncomfortable at any time during the filming. Everything seemed just fine. The pay seemed pretty good for some relatively safe and reasonably harmless play acting. And the company appeared to be professional enough not to raise some red flags.

The only problem was that woman was lied to. She was beaten bloody after she repeatedly called out the “safe word”, and cried for the abuse to stop, and reportedly, even the film producer came over to beat her as well. After the filming, one room was even set up like a makeshift hospital unit where an ambulance driver treated her injuries, including some bleeding wounds. The woman was so upset that she didn’t leave her home for several days afterwards, then in a shaky hand wrote to police complaining about this outrageous and unprofessional assault and battery.

Police in Hungary began an investigation and found an old abandoned house that had been purchased and retrofitted just like a crack drug house with heavy security and doors. So a Hungarian SWAT special police type team was needed for a police raid. During the raid, police handcuffed a number of persons including actors and cameramen involved in shooting another film.

Three persons were charged with sexual battery charges, but are now reportedly free on bail awaiting trial and further investigation. And several websites run by the movie company were shutdown by the Hungarian authorities.

Even though the company originated from Budapest, Hungary, the websites were reportedly hosted out of the Caribbean somewhere.

Hungarian news TV ran almost a five minute story about this raid a few nights ago. Days after the film, police photographed a number of slowly healing injuries the woman still had.

Interestingly, under Hungarian law one cannot consent to be beaten, so now those arrested could now face serious sexual battery criminal charges for any previous films made, even if the actors fully consented to that filming and acting. Like most other European nations, Hungary has little or no laws regulating the adult entertainment film industry, however Hungary’s sexual battery laws made this country unsuitable for shooting these sort of abusive fetish films for this underground film company. Several more women are now making statements to police that this company went way too far as well.

In the United States, the adult film industry centered mostly around Northridge, California operates with movie permits granted by the state, open studios and allows open state inspections of film shoots for safety and legal reasons. Further, there are both legal and business associations that adult film companies belong to that set up legal boundaries for that multi-billion dollar industry.

Many states and the federal government also have a number of obscenity laws, that create a legal climate of censorship and tight artistic control. And most companies closely follow the law, and have never had any legal problems. Films like this Hungarian film just aren’t filmed in the United States. It crosses way too many legal boundaries. But in some former Eastern-bloc states like Hungary, some small underground film companies operate on shoe-string budgets that produce odd films. One Website reporting service estimated the value of the film company in Hungary to only be around $25,000, not including the old home used as a movie studio. That’s pretty small compared to big multi-million dollar American adult entertainment film companies.

Another big problem with the Hungarian company was probably that the company was so unprofessionally run that it was probably more organized around satisfying the sexual desires and interests of the company’s owners and producers than it was in producing a legal and professional product.

Regardless, this bizarre little film company is probably gone for good now, and the catalog of films that they produced will probably disappear as well. A strange little film company appears, then strangely, it disappears. Even the worst independent film company would have operated better than this little Hungarian company apparently did.

Well, it’s like your mother used to say: “It’s all fun until someone gets hurt. And arrested”.

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