Hustler Announces Parody Film Roster

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Chatsworth, CA – HUSTLER Video, the leader in adult entertainment films, today announced several titles for 2013 parody releases.

First is a spoof of the hit movie about cyborgs run amok, “This Ain’t The Terminator XXX.” Next, we will see a spoof of a hit current show, “This Ain’t Homeland XXX.”

Then, there will be a new take on the popular action films of the “Die Hard” franchise, “This Ain’t Die Hard XXX,” followed by a parody of the popular and now classic film of a certain mermaid, “This Ain’t Splash XXX.” Finally, there will be “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX Reimagined,” a parody of the most recent incarnation of the classic sci-fi series.

Look for all of these films in 2013 in double disc sets for both DVD and Blu-ray. Shot in 3D, these films will deliver the quality you’ve come to expect from HUSTLER, the leader in adult entertainment and the leader in parodies.

Release dates will be announced soon.

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