Hyapatia Lee Launches Internet Show

Like Rob Black, Hyapatia Lee now has a show on www.blogtalkradio.com [Saturdays, 4 to 6PM]

On first impressions it appears to be an eclectic mix, of jokes, music [she’s a singer/song writer and was playing cuts from her albums]; erotic stories, industry blurbs, callers-in and interviews.

Scotty Schwartz was her first guest.

Scotty, who’s in the iconic films The Toy and A Christmas Story, had also been active in the adult industry as an agent, cameraman and performer. Lee asked him about that.

“I did my first non-sex role for Paul Thomas back in ’89 in Beauty and The Beast Part 2 with Victoria Paris, Sabrina Dawn, John Leslie… it was a fun group of people,” Schwartz recalls.

Lee said that Leslie had been fabulous to work with.

“I really miss him. He was a great guy.”

Schwartz had appeared in a number of adult productions in non-sex roles.

“I’ve been out over 13 years but there’s still people I talk to once in awhile.”

Schwartz notes that he’s won Best Actor in a Non-sex Role for a Wicked Pictures’ project, Silver Screen Confidential. “It was directed by Jay Shanahan.”

Lee said that every time she goes to an industry event she seems to run into Schwartz.

“Unfortunately the last couple of times we’ve been meeting for sad occasions, remembrances of our dear friends that have departed.”

Schwartz said while he hasn’t been active in the business for many years, he makes the time and effort to keep in touch with people and, if needs be, as in the case of the recent Fred Lincoln gathering at The Sportsmen’s Lodge, he pays his respects.

Lee mentioned that she’s just moved back to LA. She had been living in Indiana “on a farm in the middle of nowhere.”

“I came back, saw Scotty and we picked out where we left off. He’s a wonderful person and grateful that he’s still around. I’m just very grateful that we connected.”

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