I Chat with Houston; The Interview Will Be Posted Friday

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Houston writes on her blog, www.houston.blogspot.com – Good Morning. My interview [for 7 Magazine] is out today. I cannot wait to see it. I just got a radio tour starting Sept 28th so that is fabulous.

I am doing another interview this morning for Adultfyi and am looking forward to speaking to the legend himself Mr.Gene Ross. We go way back he even remembers are first dance at the night of the stars in Universal Studios. I can remember my braided hair and being so nervous to have to dance with him and shmooz if you will for press.

I was new on the adult scene at that time and a new contract girl so I was essentially learning the ropes. I think that was my first big affair, god that was so long ago and it really feels like yesterday. Well off to shower and get rock’in have a great day. Love H

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