I Endorse Amber Lynn for the Free Speech Board

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The HeeHaw website has been voicing its opinion on who or who should not be part of the hayride known as the Free Speech Coalition Board of directors. Jethro, or whoever does the writing over there nowadays, says: “What the FSC needs is at least one person willing to stand up and say ‘HEY we have been doing it wrong, this has to stop.’ We need to have some integrity.”

Amber Lynn who’s running for a spot would have that kind of moxie, yet we get this from an earlier posting put up on that site in which she gets slammed royally:

“Amber Lynn – This would be about as effective as Joanne & Diane going to all the shows and passing out packets of advil and winterfresh gum to try and score memberships.

“Amber Lynn has been out of the industry for far too long and has no knowledge of what the industry is now.

For someone who truly loves and cares about this industry, I found it humorous that she made her comeback with none other than Brazzers. In her statement on the FSC’s blog she stated “Although I have been intimately involved with the Adult Entertainment Industry for over 30 years, it took the imposing impact of Measure B for me to realize just how little my performances have really mattered until I became active in the fight to defeat the constricting “condom-nation” of what I had essentially been taking for granted.” Active in Measure B? First off, you guys lost Measure B, good work. Second off, you held a function @ Deja Vu in North Hollywood which no one showed up for. If you call that activism then I guess we are all fucked.


Bill Margold and I share exactly the same opinion about Amber, so I’ll quote him and add, ditto for me.

“I want her on the damn board,” declares Margold who wrote a piece extolling her credentials for the latest issue of LA Weekly.

“I’ve called on the entire board to fall on its sword because they lost on Measure B,” Margold continues.

“At least get rid of half that board and bring in some new blood.”

Margold wants Lynn on the board so badly, that according to him, he’d be willing to underwrite the $50 Free Speech dues so that new members could vote for her.

Margold says a performer’s needed on the board simply because Free Speech regards performers as second class citizens. Margold still likes to quote one of the board members who once made a comment asking if it was necessary to have performers show up for Night of the Stars, which used to be an annual fundraising event.

“Amber Lynn has bigger balls than 90% of the men in this business,” Margold contends.

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