I Gave Monica Foster The Biggest Opportunity that She Ever Had!

For sometime now, we have all witnessed Monica Foster tweet her stupidity to big name people thinking that they would ever give her the time of day. People from President Obama and his wife, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and his wife, Isadore Hall, CNN, and even Dr. Phil.

I got sick of being harassed, trolled, and stalked by this worthless piece of shit who couldn’t make a successful living sucking a dick, so I decided to have some fun with her, since she wants attention, but isn’t able to get it from people who are important, I took it upon myself a year ago to contact the producers of the Dr. Phil Show. I showed them not even half of the shit on Monica Foster. One of the associate producers had contacted me and told me that they were very interested in having me and Foster appear on the show. In order for it to happen, Foster had to agree to it. The associate producer tried to get into contact with Foster via phone and email. Despite how desperate Foster is for attention, she never responded!

Foster learned her lesson when she tried to get attention for her false allegations on prostituting herself to former Mets player, Lenny Dykstra for a $1,000 check. Foster had 15 minutes of fame, but everyone was laughing at her and made fun of her, no one felt sympathy for her, especially when she blamed racism because the check bounced.

Foster goes on hours and hours of long Twitter rants, makes daily videos, and post long blogs on her shit sites that don’t get any traffic. Despite doing all of this for approximately 8 years, Foster has never been able to get any attention from anyone important, even Desi Foxx pointed that out recently. I gave Foster the opportunity to appear on national TV and present her evidence against me, Donny Long, PWL, The Luxury Companion, TRPWL, sex/human trafficking, Dennis Hoff, and the entire sex industry to millions of viewers. Foster got scared because she knows that she can’t prove jack shit with anything that she post about me and other shit. Foster also knows that appearing on Dr. Phil with me, the shit that I would bring up against her that will not only discredit her, but will prove to millions that she’s a fucking psycho with major daddy issues who belongs in a nut house.

One thing about Foster that is true, she is one sided when it comes to the story. If our legal system and if our law enforcement operated like her, this nation would be in much bigger shit than it is now. Foster only wants her side to be heard.

I so would have loved being on Dr. Phil exposing FOSTARD for the psycho that she is and how she harasses people, stalks them, and attacks people who are affiliated with those that she hates. I could only imagine how people in the audience and at home would have been laughing their asses off at Foster. Imagine the hashtag tweets.

Foster REFUSES to talk about why she wouldn’t appear on the show, yet she continues to tweet to important people like Isadore Hall to read her shit blogs and these people doesn’t even know that she exist! Her recent interview with the photographer who took Melania Trump’s nude pictures isn’t getting her any attention, yet Foster tweets the link to the Trumps and talks shit to them.

I gave her the biggest opportunity of her life with all of her stupid shit that she wants attention for, yet she turned it down!

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  1. She’s got no balls to embarrass herself on national TV. She is a gutless keyboard warrior that will “say it to your face” – Only with a moderator there to save her ass.

    • Dude, she couldn’t even gave me earlier this year in front of a judge and present all of her so called factual evidence against me! She was a no show, but I appeared and I got the court document to prove it. That idiot thinks that showing up to mediation was able to make her look good. She’s a fucking idiot!

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