I Hear Misc. Shit – Holly Halston Rumors, Bugs, Bashes and A Little Love

>I Hear Things – I hear that Troy Halston’s former wife is suing for custody of their oldest child on the grounds that Troy’s in the porn industry. I hear the court proceedings are going on as we speak. And rumor has it that Troy has retained Florida attorney Larry Walters as his legal rep. [G. Ross]

>’Dem Stinkin’ Bugs – Thank you for all the kind e-mails regarding the new site. Thank you for those who have instantly found a few sticky areas and critiqued them so quickly as well. Yes there are a few bugs, but over the next few days they should all be worked out and within 30 days, this site is going to be smokin’ hot, not just in look, but in what’s reported on it. [W. Lewis]

>Fan Appreciation – Robert Lombard of Digital G writes: WOW! Well you both are like a ‘speeding bullet’….Just realized when clicking two of my favorite sites for my morning dose of reality and a little later then normal. I am immediately directed to the NEW FORCE in adult news. Looks Great! Again BEST OF LUCK to you both! And as always THANK YOU both for your continued support!

Chimpy the Chatter writes: You guys are going to kick the shit out of all the news services in porn now. Way to go Gene and Wayne…go get ’em!

Konnie of DVSX.com writes: Yay! I can finally get all the news I need at just one URL. you guys make a great team, and I can’t wait to see how this site develops.

Jen of TopCo Toys writes: AdultFYI is already a comprehensive once-over about all facets of the adult business I’m eager to see what’s around the corner.



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