I mean, look at you, Alexandra Mayers

At the age of 38, Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster STILL can’t accept the fact that she’s not what men desire in a woman and one of the top 3 reasons why she FAILED to become a pornstar & she FAILED to succeed in mainstream media, and failed at everything in life is because she’s UNATTRACTIVE!

I mean, look at you, Alexandra Mayers! There’s women that make over $1G/hr and you were never good enough to make that. There’s women out there who made a successful living off of their figures and their looks (Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland, etc), yet you were NEVER attractive enough to make a good living off of your face, your smile, your tits, your ass, your figure, NOTHING!

It must really make you feel good trashing others for their physical features, you ALWAYS are the one who starts it, just because you were never attractive enough to make a good living nor gets beautiful man in between your legs!

I mean, look at you!

The 3rd pic is of a woman that you can’t compare to and she’s a millionaire and she could stop sucking dick because she’s gorgeous enough to get by on her face and her body, you were never good enough and you never will be!

I mean, look at you!!!


IMG_1131 IMG_1114 IMG_1266

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