I Take Back What I Said About Alex Chance, I Guess

I’ll go into more details later, but I got this email letter from a law firm representing Alex Chance. In a polite, diplomatic way, mind you, they said they wanted me to write a retraction about Alex Chance. Okay, I would do that if I knew what I was supposed to be retracting.

Here’s the facts. It came to my attention that a letter was going out where a purported John accused Chance of giving him syphilis and herpes, that the alleged incident occurred at the Hotel Roosevelt last year. Never once did I say that Chance had syphilis.

I made the contents of the letter known because this letter has been spreading like wildfire around the industry. After that letter was made public, it’s now coming to my attention that someone may have had an ulterior motive in getting this letter out. And it’s not the AHF.

It seemed like everyone knew about this letter except me. If I didn’t talk about it, someone else would have. That’s how it works.

The only question I posed, was, if this story were true, could Chance have possibly worked with Mr. Marcus? Lo and behold. She did.

Chance worked with Mr. Marcus last year in a scene for a Jules Jordan movie titled Racially Motivated 4. I don’t know. Call me irresponsible, but didn’t due diligence necessitate looking to see if there might be a connection?

After all, we learned that Lylith Lavey worked with Mr. Marcus on a Bang Bros. set and that information allowed the industry to take proper precautions. So, if Chance is asked to take a syphilis test because she worked with someone who had syphilis, how is that a bad thing?

Then I found out, via Shy Love, that Chance worked for an escort service,. Should I repeat that? Chance worked for an escort agency. The “John” letter stated it, and Shy Love confirmed it.

Well, now, this presents a different wrinkle entirely. There’s an admission from Love, Chance’s agent, that Chance did work as an escort, and I’ve got the tape of Love saying this. Love, of course, is also saying that Chance was taken off the site because she wasn’t making TLC any money. So, is that my problem? Chance flunked out as a hooker.

Now, all of a sudden you have an admitted escort, and you have a woman who worked with Mr. Marcus. Let’s see if I got this right. Lara Roxx was a Canadian escort, and she worked with Darren James. You know how that went.

Until a couple of days ago, I only knew that Alex Chance was repped by Erika Icon. Nothing else. I harbor no ill will against Alex Chance. But no where, no where, no where did I ever say Alex Chance had syphilis. I’ve been doing this 45 years. I’m not that stupid.

I’ve forwarded her attorney’s letter to Sacramento, and if the state wants to get involved because Love broke about 20,000 laws discussing Chance’s medical condition in a public forum, that’s not my problem, either.

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