In a poll “Jewish girls” were ranked the second hottest “kink”

from – There is an interesting, entertaining and disturbing article in Details Magazine,, by Christopher Noxon titled “THE RISE OF THE HOT JEWISH GIRL”, that talks about how American men are lusting after Jewish women. Who knew that J.I.L.F.’s were the new M.I.LF.’s ?

In a poll “Jewish girls” were ranked the second hottest “kink”, which is fascinating to me and by fascinating of course I mean if that is true why is it so hard to meet anyone? What is even more intriguing is that the first place winner was “freckles” which I am covered with so again, how is it possible that I cannot meet a decent guy when I am so desirable?

One could argue the poll is not a big deal since it was conducted by a porn blog and are the men who are reading a porn blog the type of men I am hoping to meet? Probably not. In the article Noxon says Jews represent 2.2% of the population so that makes me a hot commodity which is good, but I am being sought after by men with a porn fetish, which is bad.

The article opened my eyes to a whole other side of being Jewish. Did you know there are Jewish porn sites and Jewish porn stars? I honestly did not. According to the article 13% of the members of JDate are “unaffiliated”. If you are not Jewish then you should not be on JDate. There are a gazillion other sites to go on to meet people.

Come to think of it, I get most of my emails on JDate from men who are not Jewish and I will go so far as to say that if you are a convicted felon and on JDate, then we have probably already gone out. I tend to attract men with a past and have honestly gone out with 5 men on JDate who have been convicted of non-violent crimes. I must be a huge hit in prison.

Perhaps there should be a class that these Jewish loving porn people can teach to nice Jewish boys to show them that Jewish women rock and they should consider finding a wife within the tribe instead of going the non-Jewish route. I would be happy to help get a cross-country speaking tour set up, so if anyone moves ahead with that, call me.

I happen to know I won’t find my Beshert in the porn industry. Call me crazy but I think that one is a sure thing. I suppose it is possible I could meet my soul mate and he could not be a Jew because when you think about how many Jews there are, the odds are that he probably would not be. When you add that it’s mostly non-Jewish men who are attracted to Jewish women, then it gets to be a total long shot.

I invite the porn industry to rally around nice Jewish girls and help them find Jewish Besherts. An online class, a lecture series, a book, whatever you think will do the trick. Maybe JDate can have a chat room for Jewish men to be counseled by porn lovers on the joys of a Jewish woman.

Mazel Tov to Mr. Noxon on a great article. And if I may just clarify, hard-core porn star Joanna Angel, who is quoted in the article, is no relation. I’m just saying. Someday my Jewish prince will come and so while I’m waiting, I will keep the faith.

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