in LA: Sasha Grey in Gore Flick, Smash Cut

from – – Halloween is over, but the horror-film screenings continue. A quartet of genre features that have yet to achieve general distribution will be shown this month on opposite coasts, all with special guests on hand.

Tonight at midnight (actually 11:55 p.m.) at Los Angeles’ New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Boulevard), the Grindhouse Film Festival presents a special showing of Lee Damarbre’s SMASH CUT, about a horror filmmaker (played by the original LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT’s David Hess) who uses real body parts in his screen shockers. Inspired by the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis (who has an onscreen role, along with his THE WIZARD OF GORE star Ray Sager), the movie also features adult-film star Sasha Grey, Jesse Buck and Fango fave Michael Berryman.

Demarbre and Hess will introduce the Grindhouse showing—SMASH CUT’s only big-screen engagement in LA—and take part in a Q&A afterward. Admission is $7; you can see the Grindhouse MySpace page here and its Facebook group here.

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