In Progress: Forget Mike South; Here’s The Real Syphilis Story; CET Fucked Up Clover’s Test

“What kudos?” asked Rob Black Every one in the business insists on working without condoms. So now there’s a syphilis outbreak.” What kudos?

“And Mike South can go fuck himself,” said Black. “Here’s the scoop as I am told. CET tested a fellow by the name of Clover and they tested him with the wrong procedure for syphilis, and it came out for positive. They didn’t tell anyone. Clover told his agent and the agent freaked out. Then Clover got tested by TTS and they are waiting on results.

He did two scenes, and only first generation performers have been put on lock down. If Clover hadn’t told his agent no one would have known.

“Mike South seems to be interested in the fact that Manwin is stonewalling
Here’s real problems. You have the testing clinic covering shit up. Clover is with Type 9 and I guess Kevin O’Neil learned a lesson and doesn’t want to get jammed up with another lawsuit.”

in progress

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