In Progress: Rob Black Lowers the Boom on Jules Jordan

Go to the LA Direct webite. You see one naked woman, and you pretty much see them all. And the problem the adult industry needs to address is how to take that kind of same-same product and make it better than what it’s been. That was the theme of Rob Black’s spiel Monday afternoon.

“How do we change this business when it’s broken from top to bottom and every facet is broken?” asked Black.

The mess the porn business is in clearly indicates that there’s no jobs being created, said Black noting that creativity is at an all-time ebb.

“But the 20 year old girls will tell you differently. That’s because you’re fresh pussy, honey, but our industry is ignoring the fact that there needs to be change.”

All this was a calm prelude to the fact that Black was set to drop the hammer on Jules Jordan and didn’t let up. Black noted how major league sports went through revenue slumps and realized the need to shake things up internally.

in progress

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