In Progress: Rob Black to Brooklyn Lee: Have You Ever Heard of Kelly Holland, Veronica Hart or Shane?

Rob Black blasted Brooklyn Lee out of the water on his Friday Internet show. When last we checked in, Lee had made comments that Lizzy Borden, Black’s wife, was irrelevant to the business and essentially a nobody.

Black noted that Borden was on the cover of AVN’s Most Powerful Women in the Business issue to make his point that Lee didn’t know what she was talking about.

“There was also a woman on the cover of that issue by the name of Toni English,” Black continued. “You want to know who that is? That’s Kelly Holland.

“She runs Penthouse right now. She’s a woman director. Did you know that? Did you work for Penthouse? You had to have met Kelly Holland [pictured]. I can’t believe that Mark Spiegler, a great historian, the guy who used to give Dick Nasty money to make $2000 gonzo movies, I would think he would have told you who Toni English is.

“Next to her is a girl by the name of Veronica Hart. Oh my God. She’s in that play right now [Deep Throat The Sex Scandal.] Veronica Hart was a director from VCA- a legend. There’s not one woman in this business who knows her business who would ever say anything bad about Veronica Hart.

“And this is too fucking easy. Then there’s a girl named Ona Zee. Holy shit!! Another legend. But, wait, Brooklyn, it gets tooo much. Then there’s another girl on there named Shane. Ever hear of Shane? She had a company named Shane’s World. Doesn’t the catalog exist today, still floating around?

In Progress


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