In Progress: Rob Black Unplugged- What You Missed If You Took a Dump at 3:01

Normally Rob Black signs off his daily show at 3PM, but today he and I continued a chat that began around 2:30 and ended up some 90 minutes later.

So fans, if they hung in there, were privy to some inside, inside information. Towards the end of the regularly scheduled programming, I brought up an email that Nick East had sent me concerning Karen Stagliano. In the email, East told me do with it what you may. So I may have read it aloud on the air.

According to East, he dated Karen Stagliano after Black and her had called it quits.

East took great exception to the whole tone of Black’s show the other day when Black re-traced the history of his relationship when Stagliano performed in the industry as Trisha Devereaux.

East wrote the following: No no no no!

I dated Karen after Rob did and before she caught HIV! We even shared a situation where if a post hadn’t been protruding from the ground at an intersection, we would have both died together in a horrific car accident!

She was not on a downward spiral at all! In fact, she was one of the most ‘with it’ girls I have ever dated and I completely understand why John would snatch her up! She wasn’t on drugs, she really had her shit together! I don’t work for them, and I know I never will (I also dated Krist Lynn), but I will be damned if I will allow someone to slander her good name and say she got ‘revenge HIV’!

Oh, my God!!! How egotistical do you have to be to think someone got HIV just to spite you? Oh, and Rob looks and acts like a tweeker to the ninth degree!

Can someone say ‘Animal’ from the Muppets? Because that is exactly what Rob Black looks like nowadays! Animal on Meth!

Do what you want with this letter, Gene, but he is wrong about the way Karen left HIM!


Actually Black agreed with Nick’s assessment that in his pressent incarnation he looked like Animal from The Muppets.

in progress…

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