In the End It Was La Opinion, Not the LA Times or The Daily News That Mattered

The porn Twitter Heads last week mocked the fact that La Opinion, reputedly the second largest paper in Los Angeles, backed “Yes” on Measure B.

Meanwhile, the LA Times which editorially supported “No” on Measure B, sold newspapers with a Vote “Yes” sticker on its front page.

Then, a couple of days later, the editorially supportive Times and LA Daily News ran the big article about how porn has a higher STD rate than hookers in Nevada. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

While I’m willing to bet it was the STD article that put the Weinstein initiative over, the LA Times in Friday’s edition reports that the condom measure won big in nonwhite, working-class areas, according to an analysis of voting results.

The ballot initiative requiring condoms to be used during porn filming racked up huge margins in lower-income neighborhoods that are either heavily Latino, black or both, like East Los Angeles (67%); Inglewood (75%); Compton (76%); Los Angeles’ 8th City Council District in South L.A (76%); and Willowbrook, south of Watts (77%).

Maybe I’m hazarding a guess, but I’ll bet it’s the La Opinion crossword puzzle that’s being worked in those neighborhoods and not The Times’.

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