In the End Measure B was a Popularity Contest

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All the twittering and twitter followers in the world, all the positive editorials meant nothing. In the end, the condom initiative was a popularity contest, and the adult industry was the wall flower.

Living in its insular world, the adult industry, for weeks, fed itself a lot of glad handing and wishful thinking. But in the real world, the Starbucks world occupied by soccer moms who don’t sport tattoos on their spinal column and working stiffs who get hard when they make the rent, people don’t see the industry quite the same way as the industry sees itself.

When I talk to people in bars or restaurants about the porn industry, I get scrunch faces. Not a good thing. People in the real word turn their noses up at porn.

To them porn is something they’d never want their kids watching. And it works both ways. Let me see a show of hands of porn performer parents who are genuinely proud that their kids screw for a living. In the end, the real world sees porn as a truancy not a true job vocation.

And it doesn’t help to brag on one hand about a multi-billion dollar a year business then cry about a loss of jobs.

Hear that? The voters, besieged with their own problems in this lousy economy, are playing the world’s smallest violin.

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