In the Stagliano HIV Timeline, Add the Name of Mark Wahlberg

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Krysti Lynn (aka Shawna Yager) was driving John Stagliano’s Acura Legend when she died on December 7, 1995, in an accident in Calabasas.

We learn more about the tragic event in the book The Other Side of Hollywood. Lynn first shot for John Leslie in Dog Walker and The Voyeur I, and that’s how she and Stagliano met.

Their relationship developed, and she moved in with him in his house in Malibu. Stagliano, in the book, said Lynn was subject to mood swings.

However, one of Stagliano’s employees said Lynn wanted to have a family and Stagliano was dragging his feet. Stagliano says Lynn had problems with drugs from the time she was a young kid.

Lynn wanted to have a music career, and Stagliano agreed to underwrite her expenses. Lynn was supposed to meet with Mark Wahlberg [Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights].

Lynn had recorded a song which was written by Prince and Stagliano was producing a music video to go along with it. However Wahlberg never called for the appointment and Lynn, taking it personally, drove Stagliano’s car off Los Virgines Road going over 100 mph.

Another girl was in the car, and Stagliano wrote a $250,000 check to her family, no questions asked.

I can understand being grief stricken, and all that. Anyone in those circumstances would be, but Stagliano in the book says on the first anniversary of the accident, he was feeling sorry for himself and picked up a Brazilian transvestite and got HIV.

Bald headed, 235-pound heavily muscled cynic that I am, I have problems wrapping my noggin around that story. Sure, we all grieve in different ways but to go to South America and get fucked in the ass by a chick with a dick might not be one of them.

This is my impression. The story is lame and extremely melodramatic. But by coming out with this story, Stagliano controls the HIV message and the spin and no one bothers to ask, is it possible that he acquired HIV a lot sooner than 1997 and had it under control – like Karen Stagliano is now telling the press?

And, is it possible a tranny wasn’t involved? Stagliano admits in the book he’s bisexual, and has sucked cock.

Something to think about.

It’s just a thought, but the time line blew up in Mr. Marcus’ face, and there’s something here that simply doesn’t add up especially the ‘I was grieving so I let a tranny fuck me’ part of it.

If I were attorney Bobby Starr, I’d be having a field day.

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