Industry Comp’d For Mary Premier

Los Angeles, CA – In a show of thanks, Mary Carey is inviting all working (and non-working) members of the adult industry to attend the world premiere of her new movie tomorrow FOR FREE. The screening of Club Carrie, a sexy take-off on Fight Club, is part of a fundraiser for Carey’s gubernatorial campaign. It is being shown at the world famous Vine Theater in Hollywood, and is featured in a half-page ad in the LA Weekly. (The regular entrance fee for civilians is $20.)

“The Vine Theater holds 600 people, so there’s plenty of room for everyone,” said campaign manager and Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis. “To guarantee seats, we ask that people call our office to RSVP. But if you show up at the door and are a bona fide member of the adult industry, you should have no problem getting in. Turn up and show your support!”

A huge mainstream media turnout is predicted, as Carey has announced that she will be addressing the recent appeals court decision to delay the recall election until March.

“Everyone who’s anyone will be there,” Kulkis added. “And we won’t eject anyone for pulling the old ‘cock in the popcorn’ trick. After the screening, we’ll be moving across the street to Star Shoes for an after-party.


Vine Theater

6321 Hollywood Blvd. (just west of Vine)


Wednesday, September 17

8 pm: Schmoozing & Campaign Speech

9 pm: Movie Showtime


Call (323) 981-1700

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