Industry Insider Calls Out Nina Hartley for “Self-Serving” Stance on Cream Pie Issue

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Everyone likes a good cream pie now and then. I’ve had a few from Boston that I’ve enjoyed. But do “cream pies” of the sexual variety belong in the adult industry? AVN maintains an awards category for them which, on appearances alone, especially with Measure B breathing on the industry’s back, seems to be sending out the wrong message.

Industry veteran Nina Hartley weighed in on the issue An industry veteran takes exception to her remarks:

An Industry Insider writes: Dear Nina,

Your self-serving reply to Adultfyi was lacking something, that is, any
mention of the real subject of the article. As a board member of AIM you
certainly recall the events of 2004 which were a direct result of the cream
pie type movies.

It seems very odd that someone with your background, both medical, and in the adult industry, would not comment on this irresponsible behavior in your own industry, and the fact that your industry now rewards
this behavior.

As a legend, and a leader in your industry, it is appalling that you would respond to an article about this irresponsible behavior with such a self serving attitude, yet never mention the irresponsibility of those in your industry that continue to put people at such high risk, risk that you yourself are unwilling to take. What do your educational videos have to say on this subject?

So Nina, what do you think of AVN having a cream pie award, and I would ask
the same of Dianne Duke and Dr. Miao?

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