Internal Cum Shots Are “Too Risky” Says Nina Hartley; Yet AVN Rewards Them

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In a November 6th article by the NY Times titled Pornography and AIDS: A History Nina Hartley makes a very interesting comment.

Hartley said she has not let a male co-star ejaculate inside her since 1986.

“Just too risky,” she states.

Says the Times: “Pornographic films typically end with ejaculation on the actress’s skin; while feminists find that demeaning, Ms. Hartley said, she credited that ‘trope’ with saving dozens of lives between 1984, when AIDS first entered the talent pool, and 1998, when industry-regulated testing was imposed.”

I assume Hartley was referring to what the industry commonly calls the “cream pie” which is an internal cum shot or at least the appearances of one.

And, if Hartley’s to be believed, will someone please tell me why AVN continues to laud the spectacle of dripping, gooey semen? Even if most of the time it’s Pina Colada mix or a reasonable facsimile, that, all the more, makes the thought too ludicrous to consider.

Over the course of an excruciating 130 categories, give or take, it’s easy to overlook, but AVN slips one in which tactfully refers to the practice of insemination as The Best Internal Release Category.

Nominated this year are companies like Jules Jordan, White Ghetto Films, West Coast Productions, Devil’s Film, Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Combat Zone and Kelly Madison/Juicy.

No one has to tell you this is a volatile political climate, one that witnessed a contentious Syphilis outbreak. On top of that, the adult industry just got done trying and failed to convince the world and LA County it’s responsible enough to conduct its own health affairs without a Ballot Measure B regulating condoms and barrier protection.

And, who knows, maybe the industry will begin screening talent for herpes, hepatitis, and trichomoniasis [not to be confused with trichinosis] one day.

But it certainly won’t be today that Big Porn sets the sterling example. Oh, I forgot. It’s job is to entertain, not teach, according to Ron Jeremy. And I believe Hartley has said that in interviews as well. Best we burn all those Hartley instructional videos from Adam & Eve, then, so as not to give the wrong impression.

Just on the STD implications alone, you’d think there’d be sense enough to drop this category. No tuxedos this year at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. HazMat suits will be handed out at the door. And, just another thought, maybe Hartley and Mr. Marcus could be made special co-presenters. How’s that for dramatic tension?

Could be I’m a little hazy with my porn lore, but just after the HIV outbreak of 2004, didn’t the industry talk about not doing cream pies any more? Not to overlook the fact that one of this year’s nominated companies used a performer with an expired test in June, 2009 all of which began the process that eventually took AIM down.

Are people, really this dense?

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