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from PORN queen Tanya Tate is gagging to get down and dirty with Irish model Ava Van Rose.

We recently revealed how busty babe Ava was aroused by the idea of becoming Ireland’s first mucky movie star.

Hardcore hottie Tanya, 34, spotted pictures of the 23-year-old Dubliner on our website and immediately issued a come-on to the skin flick wannabe. The bisexual nympho purred: “I saw the pictures of Ava and think she is hot. She has an incredible body that I would love to get my hands on.

“As a director of lesbian-themed adult movies, I am very interested in doing a dirty scene with her.”

Blonde bombshell Tanya made headlines here in 2010 after she travelled around the country bonking strangers in a clapped-out caravan for her Sex Tour of Ireland series. The mad-for-it minx famously got up close and personal with Wexford GAA star Greg Jacob’s tackle during her trip.

In fact hurler Greg’s stickwork was so good in his first outing, he was quickly invited back for a replay.

Versatile Tanya’s body of work includes the acclaimed Two Chicks Same Time series and the underrated His Booty is My Duty.

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