Is Adult Performer Sheena Shaw Pregnant With HIV Positive John Stagliano’s Baby?

Let me tell you about keyboard warriors.

A keyboard warrior is exactly what the name implies. Anonymous people who are in the business who post on message boards, send emails, etc. They don’t use their real names because if they did, most likely they would get the shit slapped out of them. They are pussies. They are such pussies that Liberace would call them pussies.

I get these anonymous emails several times a week. Here’s some information about this, here’s some information about that. Nine times out of ten, it’s pussy shit. People dropping dimes on each other. Talking about this agency or this person who is doing something nefarious or illegal or whatever. It’s usually bullshit, so I ignore it. I’m not Mike Strother, who will post bullshit just because he don’t like someone or it suits his agenda or whoever’s putting money in his pocket.

Now, I’ve been getting a lot of different information about Sheena Shaw. I got information that Sheena Shaw was pregnant. I got some other information that she might have AIDS. Information that she had hepatitis. This information came from various different sources, but nothing was confirmed and I didn’t want to throw out inaccurate information based on anonymous sources. But it was enough information that I thought there was something there. So we started posing the question: Was there something going on medically with Sheena Shaw?

As soon as we started doing this, my email lit up again. “See? I told you! I gave you the information!” Like they were proud of themselves. Then I was told to look at Sheena Shaw’s Twitter. She posted a meme showing a distressed man with a crying baby in the background with the caption “Take off the condom she said. It will be fun she said.” People were saying that it was evident that Sheena Shaw was flushed out and she was pregnant.

I gotta imagine that other people got the same emails that I did about Sheena Shaw, but she has never come right out and said this is what’s going on with me. For the past couple of weeks I having been flushing out what is going on with her. This isn’t digging for a story, I already know the information. The point of flushing something out is to hear it from the horse’s mouth. It does no good to hear it from anonymous people. Like when Bill Clinton was getting sucked off. Everybody knew what was going on, but people wanted to hear it from him. From Sheena Shaw’s recent tweets, it is probably safe to say that she is indeed pregnant.

Here’s my next question to flush out. Who is the father? Can we now debate who that might be? Because that debate will open quite a Pandora’s Box. Because if the speculation of HIV positive John Stagliano being the baby daddy is correct, that will validate my claim of Stagliano putting the entire adult talent pool at risk by having unprotected sex with a girl working in the business. If Sheena Shaw is pregnant with John Stagliano’s kid, that means she was fucking him without a rubber.

If Sheena Shaw’s baby is John Stagliano’s kid, will that child have HIV? Or does the medication that Stagliano takes render his semen free of HIV? Or will the baby have to be on HIV medication itself? John had a couple kids with Karen Stagliano aka Tricia Devereaux and supposedly those kids are both HIV negative. I haven’t seen medical records to verify this, so we’ll just have to take their word for it. John and Karen are both HIV positive. What are the odds of transmission with someone who isn’t, like Sheena Shaw? Or is she HIV positive as well? John’s had two babies without HIV and now he’s having another that will be HIV negative as well? Medical fucking miracle.

Only in porn do we get these miracles of science. Stagliano popping out HIV negative babies left and right, nobody gets STDs or HIV in the porn industry. Out in the real world, people get diseases and babies get AIDS. But in porn? Nope.

Here’s something I found on the internet about the likelihood of transmission. Now, this is based on a couple trying to have a kid. Remember that.

If you are an HIV-positive man and your female partner is HIV negative
There are “low-tech” and “high-tech” approaches. Unlike the reverse situation, in which the woman is HIV positive, in this situation, there is no “low-tech” method of conceiving that is 100% safe for the uninfected partner, and many couples prefer “high-tech” approaches.

Low-tech options include:
• Unprotected sex during the time the woman is ovulating (this increases her chance of getting pregnant while reducing the number of times you have unprotected sex), possibly with the HIV-negative female partner taking ARVs as prophylaxis to reduce her risk of infection with HIV–either before or after unprotected sex. Ideally the HIV-positive man also is on ART with full suppression of his HIV viral load.

Although these approaches reduce the likelihood of infection, they are not 100% reliable, and they have not been studied thoroughly in the context of trying to conceive a baby. We know that taking prophylactic ART (before or after unprotected sex) is not perfect at preventing HIV infection, and although having the HIV-positive partner on ARV therapy is highly effective, transmission sometimes (though rarely) may occur. “Low tech” approaches currently are not recommended by VA or national guidelines.

High-tech options include:
• Sperm washing, which is intended to isolate individual sperm from the HIV virus in the semen, in combination with in-vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination. These methods would involve the assistance of a reproductive specialist or fertility clinic. For HIV-discordant couples, these services are legal in some states, but not in all.

Now I doubt that Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano planned to have this baby, so the “high-tech” options like sperm washing probably weren’t applied. Bottom line, this was in all probability an accidental conception because Stagliano didn’t want to wear a rubber.

So that’s our next thing to flush out. Did John Stagliano’s HIV infected sperm get Sheena Shaw pregnant? Can all of you keyboard warriors start investigating that? Can Sheena Shaw give us a clue as to whether or not it’s an Evil baby? If this is the case, it’s gonna say a lot about the establishment of this business who say that the business is safe and we shouldn’t wear condoms when a man who is HIV positive is having unprotected sex with a woman who is having unprotected sex with other talent in the adult business.

I gotta ask all of the performers in the adult business. Are you all cool with that?

It’s hard to fathom how disgusting this business has become. That a man with HIV could have unprotected sex with working talent and get her pregnant and it doesn’t seem to bother anybody.

Why even bother with testing? Let me ask both sides of the condom debate. If condoms don’t work and there has been no on-set transmission and people who contracted HIV did so in their personal lives, how do you make that argument when the owner of one of the largest companies in the business is fine with having unprotected sex with women in the talent pool to the point of impregnating them? How do you argue that people should be safe off camera because that is where the diseases come from when an HIV positive company owner is having bareback sex with talent who are working in the industry?

I know people don’t like it when I talk this way. These are the inconvenient truths of our business. These are the things that you privately ponder while the regime of Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition have you spew out your bullshit to the media and make you sign petitions. While you sit at APAC meetings and listen to Nina Hartley lisp her crap about how safe the industry is and how long she has been doing it and you can trust what she’s telling you.

This is the truth: If John Stagliano is the father of Sheena Shaw’s baby, that means an HIV positive man is fucking your costars without a condom. That means that all of you are potentially exposed to HIV and your tests are meaningless. Being repeatedly exposed to HIV is like playing the odds in Vegas and you all know the odds favor the house.

If you don’t take steps to protect yourselves, you number will eventually come up.

Listen, I’m the only one out here telling you what’s really going on. But I’m not gonna be here forever. I have some deals cooking with a mainstream show and when that happens I won’t be around to give you this information. It’s up to you to arm yourselves with the knowledge to protect yourselves. If you don’t wake up and see what’s going on around you, one day it may be too late.

Be safe.

To be clear, I don’t know for sure if John Stagliano is the father of Sheena Shaw’s baby, I can only go by what I am hearing and the clues on her Twitter. If you don’t believe me, check out Sheena’s Twitter for yourself @DirtySheenaShaw

Oh wait, you can’t. It was just deleted today.

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