Is Ambergate a Fait Accompli?

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There are 14 candidates and 9 positions open on the board for the Free Speech Coalition. Which means there are 5 odd men out. Bill Margold seems to think it’s predetermined that Amber Lynn be one of those 5 simply because she would look out for the interests of the performers. The FSC, if history is any indication, doesn’t want to hear about performers after the shit stirred up by Seymore Butts when he was on the board.

Margold, uncharacteristically, has been tweeting up a storm to drum up support for Lynn although he senses there’s skullduggery afoot for the reason just cited.

“Ambergate’s in full roar. I’ve been twittering all day long, ripping into people,” says Margold who’s still trying to figure out who “Mo” [another candidate] is.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets elected,” muses Margold suggesting some fixes may already be in place. I don’t k now if that’s the case but “Mo” a director was very vocal during the No on Measure B campaign.

Talk to Margold and he’ll tell you that Jeffrey Douglas is the “biggest of all the villains” in the Free Speech scenario.

“I wonder who controls who,” he asks.

“Does Diane Duke control him or does he control Diane. He’s always been very much in bed with whatever executive director there was. There was Kat Sunlove, and he worshipped Bill Lyon; and I don’t know what Diane Duke really does. Who pulls her strings? Who does she answer to? I would prefer that they had no election at all. It’s become the ugliest thing, and it’s making my stomach hurt.”

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