Is Anyone Shocked That Bribes Are the Order of the Day?; Check Out Some Emails to See what Slimeballs the AHF Are

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There’s been an acerbic exchange on between Mike South and Fabian Thylmann [pictured] as to whether it was Thylmann, or James Lee or FSC who offered Derrick Burts an alleged bribe to switch party allegiances.

Burts, who’s been the Aids Healthcare Foundation flower child, must feel pretty popular.

But the fact of the matter is, whomever this alleged $10,000 bribe came from [a] it’s an insulting offer; and [b] you gotta believe that’s how AHF solicited Burts’ services to begin with. Burts has been the main cog in the AHF PR wheel that sought to discredit AIM and, now, the adult industry.

In May I ran email exchanges between AHF attorney Brian Chase and Michael Weinstein to illustrate to what length AHF will go in its crusade against porn.

Doing its own investigation of Weinstein, a website called Red Garter Club, was the first to monitor those exchanges between Weinstein, Cal-OSHA, Shelley Lubben and others involving the long-term efforts of AHF to impose mandatory condom usage in all porn shoots in the city of Los Angeles.

[That, as well as AHF’s attempt to discredit and ultimately destroy the AIM Medical Foundation.]

According to the findings of Red Garter Club, those emails show “quite clearly and starkly the true agenda of AHF in their attempt to essentially run porn production out of LA, as well as the seaminess and underlying direct collusion between AHF and Cal-OSHA (which all along has alleged itself to be non-partisan).”

The emails exposed the fact that AHF not only paid for Derrick Burts’ legal fees in order for him to avoid legal troubles for his many probation violations, they also utilized Lubben and her Pink Cross Foundation, as a useful tool for their cause.

One exchange reveals the fact that AHF was not immune to using as source material the original Donny Long – led Pornwikileaks as tools for recruiting potential performer testimonials… as the reference to the false claims of HIV infection involving former performer Mercedes Ashley show explicitly.

Another bit of startling revelation was the deep involvement of AHF in the case of Diane Grandmaison, aka Desi Foxx. Foxx performed as a team with her daughter, “Elli Foxx”. It was Foxx who sued AIM [probably with the help of AHF] after privileged private medical information was published in a PWL-owned forum.

The emails offered up by The Red Garter Club also showed complicity between the supposedly neutral LA news media, in the form of communication between the upper brass of AHF and reporters from the Los Angeles Times, which has openly endorsed the condom mandate editorially.

I’ve always advised, be careful what you write in emails because it will come back to bite you in the ass. Here’s an example:

On April 16, 2010, Chase the assistant general counsel for Aids Healthcare Foundation emailed Michael Weinstein.

AHF was looking for various ways to discredit AIM and the porn industry. Chase wanted to use Diana Grandmaison aka Desi Foxx as a puppet in their PR efforts. But Chase also wanted to go after Jeff Mike, the owner of JM productions.

Chase suggested that AHF begin targeting Mike because he was volatile and likely to same something dumb to the mainstream press.

“I don’t think it would confuse our press strategy to go after both AIM and porn companies,” Chase writes Weinstein.

“I think it would have the opposite effect. If we make the suit it all about AIM, they can try to portray themselves as the little nonprofit clinic that’s just trying to keep the girls healthy. We know that’s a lie, but it is difficult to rebut in a sound byte.

“If we go after JM Productions at the same time we attack AIM, we link AIM to JM Productions. Suddenly they aren’t just an innocent clinic serving sex workers – they are scum who are enabling the horrible abuse of women – we can frame the issue and ramp up the ick factor exponentially.

“JM produces series like ‘American Gokkun’ where women swallow ejaculate from hundreds of men, and ‘DP Virgins’ where each actress has unprotected anal and vaginal double penetration,” Chase continues.

“They also produce a series called ‘gag factor’ where women sometimes vomit because they can’t breathe while giving oral sex. They have a series featuring women being anally penetrated bareback while the man shoves the woman’s head in a toilet. Let AIM try to defend that.

“Check this out this quote from JM Productions’ website,” Chase goes on to say.

“‘Watch as faces turn blue from a lack of oxygen in this throat fucking masterpiece. Each whore is brutally throatfucked for your viewing pleasure. Every cock is forced down virgin throats balls deep, and ever cum shot must be swallowed.’”

“If we just sue AIM, then it’s all about privacy rights and medical records (yawn). If we go for both, we show that AIM is just another cog in the machine that brutally abuses these girls without any regard to their emotional or physical well-being.

“Plus the owner of JM Productions is a lunatic. He fought off an obscenity prosecution a few years back and he loves to shoot off his mouth. When the press goes for the industry’s side of the story, they will probably get some great soundbytes from this guy – which will cut into any efforts AIM makes to defend itself in the press.

“Sharon Mitchell will have some well-crafted soundbytes from the FSC, but the folks at JM Productions will just say whatever they want, which could be great for us.”
Brian Chase
Assistant General Counsel

If any of this shocks you, then you’ve been living under a rock.

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