Is Clover Positive, Negative, Probably Positive or Inconclusive?

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If you’re confused, join the crowd because Diane Duke just muddied up a picture that already had 40 miles of bad road on it.

Duke today in statements to AVN and XBiz refuted industry performer Clover’s own testimony by stating that he tested negative for Syphilis.

Clover has released statements via LATATA to the fact that his tests were inconclusive and that he was told by the adult industry’s two testing facilities to re-test within a week.

Duke is saying just the opposite: “Results from two separate confirmatory tests, conducted by the original testing facility for the performer in question show that the patient is negative for syphilis.”

“Unlike AHF, we choose to get our information from medical professionals rather than from the gossip or conjecture of bloggers,” said Duke.

Aids Healthcare Foundation earlier this week issued a press release quoting Mike South who’s taken it upon himself to be the new industry spokesman on behalf of health care matters, but even South couldn’t agree, stating that Clover was probably positive.

“What the fuck is going on?” asked Rob Black as he read Duke’s bewildering statements on the air,

“Are we in La La La land? Diane Duke, you stupid motherfucker, LATATA issued an official press release. Oh my God! Mike South, you stupid motherfucker! You just got double-crossed! I’m unbelievably flabbergasted. Mike South, if you ever had one shed of decency divulge this scheme you sonofabitch. You just got buried.”

“Do you people understand what is going on? Black asked. [Probably not.]

“Michael Weinstein, Cal/OSHA does anyone out there see what just happened? This is not real, guys. This is The Truman Show. I’m laying down right now. I swear to God. I’m numb. The Free Speech Coalition just put out an official press release that goes against everything that’s just been said by Mike South, Derek Hay and LATATA since August 7th.

“Do you people understand? Public officials, AHF the council people we’re talking to. I want to cry right now. No bullshit. I cannot fathom what just happened. And XBiz reports the same thing.

“I don’t believe what is going on right now. I’m still shaking. Seriously, I’m shaking. Free Speech and Diane Duke, their statements are completely contradictory to what LATATA and Clover have said and to what Mike South has said.”

For the record, Clover states: “On August 3, I received an inconclusive test result for Syphilis. I immediately contacted my agent, Kevin O’Neil with Type 9 Models, who in turn contacted his fellow agents with LATATA. Together with Kevin, I produced a list of everyone I worked with since my previous clean test.”

[LATATA immediately began contacting the list of performers Clover provided.]

“Following the advice of LATATA, I went to a different testing facility on August 5 and took the same test again, as well as two additional types of tests, all for Syphilis.

[The results were returned to Clover from Talent Testing Services on August 6 and were once again inconclusive. Within thirty seconds, Clover phoned O’Neil with the news, and LATATA took action, advising the actor to wait one week before repeating the tests.]

Adds Clover: “I thought it was of the utmost importance to act as fast as possible by contacting my agent. This way all involved could begin acting accordingly. I respect the adult industry and believe it is important for everyone to work together to create the safest environment possible.”

Diane Duke is saying quite the opposite and called anyone who was contradicting her as “rumor mill opportunists.” Black compared the whole incident to bad courtroom drama.

“Diane Duke, you’re a liar,” said Black.

“There was an official press statement from LATATA and the performer himself. Clover stated every test he got was inconclusive. He stated that. Diane Duke, this isn’t conjecture and misinformation- this is straight from the witness’ mouth, you liar. You should be criminally prosecuted, you liar.

“Clover never states positive or negative- what’s going on? If you go to the XBiz article, Diane Duke says they were working with LATATA throughout the process, but I guess Diane Duke, Derek Hay and Clover all forgot to inform people of the lies. LATATA’s official statement flies in the face of information Diane Duke is giving anyone.

“Clover is stating he’s inconclusive. Diane Duke, you completely lied- you are saying the complete opposite of the witness. If this was a courtroom this is the part where they dismiss the case and arrest you for perjury.

“You were caught red-handed. Diane Duke, that is you. The jig is up and you know it. Diane Duke you are lying about the witness who’s penis was involved in the incident. According to Clover he has to re-test August 13th, but Diane Duke is saying he’s negative, has always been negative.

“We had a syphilis outbreak with Mr Marcus,” said Black.

“Diane Duke tried to hide it and, once again, Diane Duke and Free Speech are trying to hide it . It’s completely contradictory to what we were being told by what XBiz, AVN, LATATA, Derek Hay, and Mike South have said.

“Diane Duke you are a buffoon you are Tom DeLay. You are a dead woman walking and I guess you know it. This statement is completely and utterly against what the witness himself is saying. This is the second syphilis case Diane Duke has tried to cover up.”

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