Is Ira Isaacs Going to Get Sued?

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Any self-respecting, ambulance chasing lawyer would find the adult industry a fertile game preserve.

There’s so many legal battles to be fought it would make any attorney give up his dreams of sitting on the lofty perch of the Supreme Court just so he could duke it out for nickels and dimes in a Van Nuys courtroom.

When he was shooting porn movies, director Khan Tusion crossed so many ethical and moral lines it’s a wonder his name wasn’t permanently engraved on a subpoena.

Khan Tusion authored a series called Rough Sex, and I remember one battered female performer in particular who came off of one of those shoots in slightly better shape than Nicole Simpson. Yet she said nothing and never pressed charges.

Other porn directors who’ve embraced the time honored practice of misogyny have slipped through the cracks as well, and it’s short of a miracle that Max Hardcore never heard from an attorney in that respect.

All of this, however, may change. I’ve got a hunch by reading between the lines that Ira Isaacs is about to be slapped with paper.

In a story first reported by this week, performer Veronica Jett is using words like “professional counseling,” “shame,” “anguish” and “fear” to describe her experiences on an Isaacs set.

Is Isaacs worth a lot of bread? Maybe not as much as Khan Tusion whose private life is spent counting money, but Isaacs seems to have earned enough from his scat catalogue to defend himself in three obscenity cases. So I’ve a feeling Jett wants to tap some of those resources.

Jett is alleging that she was plied with drugs and is using words you normally see in a lawsuit. Let’s see what happens. And if it happens, other porn directors of the ignominious sex persuasion might want to buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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